[LINK] iPad2 launch causes traffic jam in George Street.

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Mar 25 11:58:37 AEDT 2011

I heard a first hand report of this launch at Circular Quay 
on Wednesday,
> Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v exclusive to Vodafone, price on par with iPad 2
> Published on Wed, 23/03/2011, 12:08:39
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> By Keri Algar
> SYDNEY, NSW: The Galaxy Tab 10.1v will be the first tablet in Australia to feature the open sourced operating system developed specifically for tablets by Google, Honeycomb 3.0. It also comes equipped with a 1GHz Dual Core application processor, surround sound speakers, front (2-megapixel) and rear (8-megapixel) facing cameras, and Full HD video recording.

Tom Koltai wrote:
> iPad 2 queue grows to about 400+ round the block.
> The apple store on the Cnr of George and King have called in the troops
> and about 20 policeman are on riot [;-)] patrol.
> Early adopters have been queuing since 2:00 am this morning and will be
> waiting in the queue until the 5:00 pm launch time.
> [Riot as in there are only limited numbers and the quese has been
> counted and advised that there may not be enough iPad 2's to go around.]

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