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>Alas I don't do academic work and have 
>completely forgotten the names of the most common stylings for these citations.


Here's what we use in the ACS CPeP:

A particularly useful web reference on the 
Harvard referencing system is at 
and since many of the ACS Education courses' 
references are online resources, the link at 
is very relevant.

It even gives examples to include in the text and 
the Reference List or Bibliography.

An excellent example of Harvard notation used in 
a paper is at 

Swinburne University of Technology has a useful 
booklet which we commend to you and it is 
available online at 

Examples of the Harvard notation from within the readings for BLE include:
- the forms that are included with permission of 
the authors is particularly useful

And an example from a website which demonstrates 
referencing for charts: 
- scroll down to the earnings graph near the 
bottom, which shows the attribution style they have used.

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