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Philip Argy wrote:
> Yes - I was also going to point to the Wayback Machine as where I invariably
> find superseded versions of material.

Thanks Phil, I have just elaborated on this problem (relying
on a secondary source) in my Comments on Consultation 
Question 13 about deletion of content from Govt websites the 
Disclosure Logs discussion paper

It is worth noting that Austlii and the NSW Goverment
Legislation sites do some pretty whizzy things with
legislation (which changes).

> On a tangential note, there's quite a serious problem for those who don't
> take a snapshot of the version of the terms and conditions as they existed
> at the time a user clicks on "I accept" or its equivalent, because without
> being able to prove the terms that were agreed the contract is
> unenforceable.  Lest anyone think that couldn't happen, it's all too common
> that people do not record in some fashion the precise version in respect of
> which the other party indicated agreement.  And whilst some of the better
> sites offer the option of printing the terms that have been agreed or, even
> better, email you a copy, the vast majority seem to proceed oblivious to the
> legal consequences, or deliberately intending to bluff the consumer if a
> dispute ever arises.

Ofcourse if people bothered to read and comprehend the terms
of the contract in the first place, there would be less

Perhaps Consumer Law should require that contracts can be
tracked back - though as I understand it consumers do need
to be notified of changes, though I don't think they have to
formally accept.

> Philip
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>> PS Bernard, the author may be quite happy for you to put
>> their document up on your website. However, if you were
>> doing this for authentication then that doesn't make a lot
>> of sense.
>> You may also be interested in checking out the citation
>> options that the NLA provides in trove.nla.gov.au
> For that matter, the document may be online at the Internet Archive in a
> previous incarnation of its source website.
> http://www.archive.org/web/web.php
> Stil 
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