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"Facebook vandal jailed
Amelia Bentley
March 25, 2011 - 2:16PM

A man who vandalised Facebook tribute sites for two dead children has 
been jailed.

Self-confessed "troll" Bradley Paul Hampson, 29, of Tarragindi in 
Brisbane's south, posted pictures of penises and wrote offensive 
messages on the two sites in February last year.

On one Facebook tribute site for the 12-year-old boy, he wrote "woot 
I'm dead" across an image of the dead child.
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He also morphed a photo of the boy's face inside a woodchipper and 
made it appear blood was coming from the machine.

On another, he wrote sexually explicit comments implying he was 
responsible for raping and killing the eight-year-old girl.

"My definition of pleasure ... listening to her ribs crack," he 
wrote. "I got mad ... so I murdered her."

To post his comments, Hampson used the name of a Bundaberg man who he 
claimed to have gone to school with.

Hampson said the man whose identity he used had been bullied by other 
students at his school.

The court was told that man told police he was distressed his name 
had been used to make such comments.

The court also heard when detectives examined Hampson's personal 
computer, they found almost 200 images that depicted children as the 
victims of abuse and sadism.

They also found images of missing UK girl Madeleine McCann and 
murdered UK boy James Bulger with penises superimposed on their faces.

Hampson today pleaded guilty to distributing child exploitation 
material, using the internet to menace, harass or cause offence and 
possessing child exploitation material.

Judge Kerry O'Brien sentenced him to three years' jail and ordered he 
be released after he serves 12 months.

Taking into account seven-and-a-half months Hampson has already 
served behind bars, he will be out of prison in September."


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