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> I find this "dangers of nuclear power" debate fascinating.  
> Not just on link but clearly the same debate is happening 
> around the world.  I don't think anyone much is changing 
> their minds.  Those who think nuclear power is too dangerous 
> still think so.  Those who think it's safe haven't changed either.  
> What's happened in Japan has clearly stirred the pot though.  
> The extremes on either side have upped the anti.  There are 
> people declaring that California is or will be contaminated, 
> others saying that everyone in Japan is perfectly safe while 
> the Japanese government is telling people this is not good 
> and radioactive stuff is leaking out in a big way although 
> there is going to be a lot of water under the bridge, so to 
> speak, before Japan is out of danger.  
> For all those who say that there are no negatives to Nuclear 
> power and that it's environmentally safe, at the Japanese 
> plant we may be quickly coming to the major elephant in the 
> room.  What do you do with a nuclear plant at the end of its 
> life, with a place and a bunch of stuff too contaminated and 
> too radioactive to allow people to use it for a million years 
> or so?  Or is that half a million years, I forget.

You would do what we do with the other reactor that's too hot too

Cover it up and hope that it doesn't go critical.

The other reactor? Oh we call that the sun. 

Unusual activity of the Sun during recent decades compared to the
previous 11,000 years

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