[LINK] Match Koltai - Was Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Sun Mar 27 13:53:42 AEDT 2011

On 26/03/2011 8:55 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> Dear Robin and other persons exhibiting similar strong nuclear phobias.

Just to be clear, I haven't expressed an opinion (let alone a phobia) on 
the nuclear reactor issue. All I did was post an article from The 
Register. Given the tone of the article some might consider that to be 
trolling, if so I apologise.

> Now could we stop discussing it, please. Or could we move this rather
> moribund discussion to alt.rec.henny.penny

For the record, I didn't take this to be a serious attempt at censorship.

On 27/03/2011 12:47 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> Hmmm, it's a sad sad world when my only champion for liberty and free
> speech is a person that can't spell.
> Err, craig, that's spelt k o l t a i
> not      k o o k.

Also for the record, I agree with Craig.



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