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On 2011/Mar/27, at 9:28 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:

> You're right Philip, Nuclear power is as deadly as the sun. (I'm
> learning, I've been hanging around lawyers a lot... :<)   )
> I hate FUD. It might sell newspapers but doesn't help the people of the
> world survive; we'll return to FUD in a few minutes. 
> Qualifier:
> This entire topic is waay over my head. 



> Abstract On the lunar surface, every human being would be exposed to

Roughly the same radiation as space.  The moon doesn't have an atmosphere or a magnetic field to protect people on its surface.

> galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) and their
> secondary products such as gamma rays and neutrons.

And solar winds.

> Actually, the radiation from both the Sun and Nuclear Power plants is
> ionising and invisible.

No.  The radiation from the sun that reaches us is mostly visible.  Lots of other not so visible radiation and particles but we are mostly protected from them.  When nuclear power stations are working right they only radiate heat.  They are designed to not radiate anything else. 

> Therefore the fuel or the reaction is not what concerns the public, it's
> the FUD that's been created around the invisible voodoo that can burn
> your skin.
> Unfortunately, Slip Slap Slop doesn't work with >500 mSv of radioactive
> emissions, so as a rule, standing in an environment like the top of Mt.
> Everest, any spot on the moon facing the sun or under a big hole in the
> ozone layer is really not recommended.
> So now the only thing we need to figure out is what causes holes in
> ozone layers ?

We know what causes the holes in the ozone layer and we have largely sorted it and I believe the ozone holes are improving.

> Clue number one: It is often burned as a source of warmth and fuel.
> Clue number two: It is much much much safer than Uranium.
> Clue number three: The Chlorides and Fluorides it gives off pollute our
> lungs and create enormous holes in the ozone layer at the same time.

Don't know what you're talking about.  We don't burn CFCs as fuel.  CFCs cause the hole in the ozone layer.

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