[LINK] Moderator Censorship - volunteers should write a charter

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Mon Mar 28 00:57:52 AEDT 2011

Hi Russell,

What makes you think I am trying to "close down one side or the other"?
Please refer to what I wrote, not how other people are reacting.

Are you volunteering to take my place?

Irene? Tom? Any other volunteers?

I volunteered because I wanted to help the Link list, which is something
I value highly.

Those who criticise my attempt to do so should firstly check their facts
and secondly, I think, volunteer to take my place.

Why do you think it is reasonable to expect anyone to volunteer for this
position, to be responsible for the Link list technically, socially and
in all other ways, but not be able to exercise some influence or control
on the messages which are posted to the list (subject to such efforts
being supported by the other two Amigos)?

Russell, Irene, Tom and whoever else - perhaps you would like to make a
list of the things list members could do, in order of increasing
disruption, up to something gross like sending 20 messages a day on or
off topic, or in a non-English language.  Then promise me and the other
list members that if you were in my position, you would do nothing to
stop it.   If you can't do this, then you are in favour of some kind of
moderation, which you equate with **censorship**.  If you can't do this,
then our dispute is not about absolutes, but about degrees of what sort
of disruption should warrant moderation, and what sort of response is

If there's some sort of consensus on who should take my place AND if the
other two Amigos agree to that choice, then I will be happy to pass my
baton to that person.

But I suggest that the nature of the criticism I have received in the
last day or so is probably enough to make any sane person seriously
question whether they want to be responsible for the Link list.

Ivan offered to step down if it would make things any easier:


I haven't heard from Martin.

Irene and others, I suggest that if you want anyone to be responsible
for this list, other than yourselves, that you think a bit more
carefully about whether this list really is moderated in some way by its
"owner(s)" (I am sure it is) and what you would need to do in terms of
reasonable criticism and support for any such owners, as they try their
best to handle what to them looks like actions which will damage the list.

For instance, you could write a charter.

I suggest anyone who volunteers to be my replacement should write a
charter which would provide complete guidance to list members and to the
list owners, so nothing is left to chance or trust.

  - Robin

On 27/03/2011 11:41 PM, Russell Ashdown wrote:
> This is a black day for the Link List!
> This list has always moderated itself.  I have been a member of this
> list for more than a decade and I cannot recall an instance where the
> Administrator entered the discussion to close down one or the other side.
> Having said that, I can recall very many grossly annoying posts over the
> years which caused much robust argument and even a debate about whether
> a Link member should be expelled.  Tony NEVER entered these debates and
> they were ALWAYS resolved by the members themselves.
> Robin has been a member for long enough and should understand how this
> list operates.  If anyone is eager to embark on moderating (read:
> censoring) the Link List, they should ask the members first.  And if the
> majority of members agree, DELETE ME FROM THE LIST!!!!
> I see this as a pathetic attempt at censorship which should be treated
> with the contempt it deserves.
> Pull your head in Robin.
> Cheers,
> Russell

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