[LINK] Alleged List Moderation

James Devenish jndevenish at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 01:48:55 AEDT 2011

2 cents from a lurker,

Accusations are flying. My understanding is that submissions from
non-subscribers are moderated, and postings from members go straight
to the list - there is currently no step at which censorship can

Surely, we can agree that 'unmoderated' doesn't mean 'anarchic'.
Common sense puts limits on SPAM, abuse, and illegality on the list -
perhaps this is why this list (and its predecessor) is limited to
subscribers only. Unlink, too, was for 'subscribers only' (unless my
memory is wrong, I remember sending my subscription request when the
list was created).

Most recently, it seems that Robin expressed her personal opinion that
Tom K should not discourage the nuclear power discussion on- or
off-list. Somehow, this is being construed as censorship and threats
of censorship. The equivalent attempts at 'thought control' against
Robin are no better. I saw assertive feedback and speculation, but not
censorship. Why not support a sense of calm instead of vilifying
people for their faux pas?

I've heard of sysadmins' day and secretaries' day, but not list
moderators' day. Give someone a break, maybe?

- James

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