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> > Perhaps of interest .. HTML5 'WebSockets'
> >
> > To see how these new websockets work, have a look here:
> >
> >  http://www.worldspreads.com/en/home.aspx
> >
> > If your browser supports WebSockets, the world market 
> information at 
> > the bottom of the page will refresh every couple of seconds. For 
> > example, as i write this, the Aussie dollar is worth 2.75 
> cents more 
> > than the US dollar. Oops, now it's 2.81 .. and, now it's 
> 2.83 cents :)
> >
> > The new Mozilla browser supports HTML5 WebSockets, whereas 
> IEv8 does 
> > not.
> Works nicely in IE9 :)

Ho Hum...   The old farts perspective...

As a historical note, we had scrolling, auto refreshing ASX stock data
on BBS'es in 1991.
We used a little known trick called ANSI codes that were fed from
machine A into a serial 
port on machine B and presented in a Chatroom environment resulting in a
line feed every 
time a new piece of data arrives on the serial port. (If one didn’t have
a live feed, one could fake it with a text file and the (unix | ) page
filter with one line of data per page piped to a timer loop). 

By 1994, we were expiring animated Gifs (for the tattslotto people...)
that were generated on the fly inside an almost 
never-ending html frame  [after gif execution - loading - each frame
then loaded the next url which quite often was a series of loops to give
the gif time to execute... Those were the FUN days... When men were men
and html coders were Gods! - All fifty of us.].

But I guess HTML5 is a cooler way of doing it <grin>.

I'm still waiting for the promised low maintenance, VRML Girlfriend
Version 2.1  [1], 
will HTML5 in my browser get us closer to that ?


[1] Girlfriend Version 2

3D Girlfriend


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