[LINK] Hackers hit Gillard, ministers' computers

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> Hackers hit Gillard, ministers' computers
> 29 March 2011 | 07:23:29 AM	 | Source: AAP
> Thousands of emails are believed to have been accessed in the cyber attacks. (File Getty)

Why did they use a stock photo of a Mac laptop?

> The parliamentary computers of Prime Minister Julia Gillard and at least two other senior ministers are suspected of being hacked.
> Ms Gillard's parliamentary computer, along with those of several cabinet ministers including Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Defence Minister Stephen Smith were believed to have been compromised, News Ltd newspapers report.

I can't seem to find this report.  No "hyperlink".

> Thousands of emails are believed to have been accessed in the cyber attacks.
> Four Australian government sources confirmed with the newspapers they had been told Chinese intelligence agencies were part of a list of suspected hackers.
> US intelligence officials alerted their Australian counterparts and News Ltd believes ASIO has started an investigation.
> The cyber attacks are believed to be on the Australian Parliament House email network, the less secure of two networks used by MPs.
> Ministers use a departmental network for more high security communications.
> The newspaper reports senior sources in the government confirmed the computers were subjected to the espionage for more than a month from sometime last month.
> Attorney-General Robert McClelland would neither confirm nor deny the attacks.

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