[LINK] WebSockets

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Tue Mar 29 10:20:16 AEDT 2011

Ivan writes,
> > Personally I hate websites that push stuff at me when I don't want it.
> It might not suit you, Kim - but it suits my business to a T.. It's not
> a gimmick, and saves considerable time and angst .. in my line of work,
> it's actually vital (and a godsend) for productivity, function, and
> utility.

Also guess some people don't work short-term money markets, and CFDs etc?
Pity, there's money to be made with these now even over a dial-up account.
Amongst some experienced friends, a thousand+ dollars a day isn't unusual.
But one needs quick info. Also, never made last-second Ebay bids, or with
Graysonlne etc? There's also money to be saved. Roll on, HTML5 WebSockets,
they should make effective & realtime economic-involvement more equitable.


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