[LINK] The continuing Fud - Dangers of Nuclear power

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> > Japan may have lost race to save nuclear reactor
> > 
> > Fukushima meltdown fears rise after radioactive core melts through 
> > vessel

The article continues to say:
"What is fundamentally disturbing the public is reports of drinking
water one day being above some limit, and then a day or two later it's
suddenly safe to drink. People don't know if the first instance was
alarmist or whether the second one was untrue," said Gale.

"My recommendation is they should consider establishing a small
commission to independently convert the data into comprehensible units
of risk for the public so people know what they are dealing with and can
take sensible decisions," he added.

Imagine having just survived a Cat 9 earthquake followed by a 2.8 metre
You've lost your home, some of the family members are missing. 
The power is out,
There is no Transistor radio because you threw those out when you bought
your iPods.
(The car was washed away in the Tsunami.)
The News when it comes is from individuals that have solar chargers on
their Samsung ECO's and have managed to get connected via the local
apple store free WiFi.

The News is mainly from foreign journalists and is all about the sky
All you want to know is, can I drink the water ?

FUD from foreign Journalists is not helping.  Who cares about "What
could happen...." 

Nothing else is relevant. It's cold. My roof is missing.
My kids are thirsty can we drink the water ? 

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