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Roger Clarke wrote:
> At 11:31 +1100 30/3/11, Tom Worthington wrote:
>> Greetings from the 2nd Annual Learning Commons Development and Design
>> Forum ...
> ... assignment for the State Library of South Australia (SLSA) back in 1998 ... how much of the vision got translated ...

On my last visit to South Australia I visited the Adelaide North Terrace 
  Cultural Precinct, which includes the State Library, Art Gallery and 
several universities.

In the library cafe I happened across Dr Genevieve Bell, Digital Home 
Group Director, User Experience Group, Intel Corporation. So you 
succeeded in making it a place frequented by the digerati:
<http://blog.tomw.net.au/2010/04/adelaide-north-terrace-cultural.html> ;-)

ps: I will be in Adelaide for the ACS Education Faculty Board meeting, 
6-8 May 2011. The ACS educators meet to discuss what is happening with 
online education, Moodle, Mahara and e-portfolios. My task is to lead 
the discussion about online peer assessment, where we get the students 
to do the job of marking each other's work.

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