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It was a common practise.  You're better off using the commands "host" on linux/mac or nslookup on windows or whois to look up the domains but even that is not guaranteed to be taste proof.  I never use the lookup on a domain registrar until I'm ready to register right then and there.

Try a whois to find the registrar of your domains.  Domain tasters have a limited amount of time to hold the domains before they have to pay cold hard cash.

Maybe your domains have been kited.  I never knew about that until I read the wikipedia entry on domain tasting.

On 2011/Mar/31, at 5:02 PM, Fred Pilcher wrote:

> A few days ago I searched for the availability of two .com.au domains on 
> an Australian hosting site. Both names were available.
> Today, both show as having been taken, though Ausregistry has no record 
> for either.
> One of the names could be a co-incidence - the other is most unlikely to be.
> Is it unknown for hosting services to harvest search terms and register 
> them with the intent of scalping?
> Fred
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