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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Thu Mar 31 21:47:20 AEDT 2011

At 08:02 PM 31/03/2011, Kim Holburn wrote:
>Most countries just don't have data caps like we do in 
>Australia.  In Japan a data cap is unlimited downloads and 900GB 
>upload cap!  Phew!

Yeah, I found when I asked the question about borrowing friends' 
networks while in the US, they didn't understand the question. I 
remember even in early days, when we connected our colleges, we 
didn't worry either, except for carriage capacity and slowdowns. 
Everyone got an account at no charge -- ever. We couldn't figure out 
how this form of communication could be 'free', but we had to pay for 
long distance phone use. There's no mystery as to why VOIP was 
developed. What is it about 'free' you don't understand? ;-)


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