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At 09:15 AM 1/11/2011, Roger Clarke you wrote:

>I received the proper PDF this morning, now up at:

"The annual Australian Government and NGO Forum on Human rights is a 
consultation mechanism for discussion about domestic and 
international human rights issues.
This year's Forum was held on 22 June 2011."
Were we invited to this?

"where business and government can share"
I think he missed the point about civil society.

"to explore an industry agreement and industry has made a lot of 
progress in their
consultations to date. All parties indicated that consumer interests 
are very important and will
be properly protected."
Missed it again. Note the pathetic paternalistic attitude!

"The industry will continue to engage with consumer groups and the 
Department will ensure
that consumer protections are integrated into any agreement."
Note, the govt isn't consulting, they're just 'protecting' and 
relying on the commercial agents to consult! Who does the govt serve? 
The companies or the public?


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