[LINK] Directions in copyright reform in Australia

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Fri Nov 4 15:49:38 AEDT 2011

Directions in Copyright Reform in Australia

Australian Copyright Council 


31 October 2011

The Copyright Council Expert Group presented its views on reform to a 
full-house gathered for the 2011 Copyright Symposium, at the Australian 
Maritime Museum in Sydney on October 13-14. 

With the Attorney-General soon to release the draft Terms of Reference 
for a review of copyright by the Australian Law Reform Commission, this 
is the paper written for the Symposium by the expert group.

The CCEG makes broad recommendations for reform in the following areas:

* Non-commercial transformative use of copyright works
* Internet intermediary liability
* Orphan works
* Registration of copyright works

This document begins with a statement by the CCEG on the four fundamental 
principles underpinning Australian copyright law. These principles have 
provided the basis for the group to consider a number of relevant policy 
issues and make the broad recommendations that follow ..



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