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> Technology brings the classroom back home in role reversal
> Andrew Stevenson November 7, 2011
> ... Technology offers the opportunity to break up the traditional lesson
> structure and to shift learning opportunities in both space and time. In
> a pure flip, a lesson might be ''taught'' online at home; class time
> becomes a place for a student to do their ''homework'' - to practice
> what they have learnt. ...

This is not that different to the "Tutorial System" used at Cambridge 
and Oxford universities, where the students study by themselves and then 
demonstrate it at a regular "tutorial". I use a version of this with 
most of the reading materials available on-line and the face to face 
tutorials replaced by on-line forums: 

You do not need much technology to do this. The hard part is retraining 
teachers and adjusting the administration to make it work. Courses have 
to be carefully designed, to the point where the guidance is not obvious 
to the student. But this can work too well, with the students 
complaining the teachers are not "teaching" them.

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