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> In the atmosphere of Earth, there's less Sulphur and more Nitrogen. I
guess that 
> would make the most likely candidate HNO3.
> I'm no expert and this is a worst-case. It's probably only 
> slightly more likely than the rose-coloured view that God's in His
heaven and all's 
> right with the world. 

Shhh. You'll spook the horses.
And... Probably be the person remembered as being responsible for the
HNO3 tax when the Carbon tax recession occurs.
Err, that would be right after MSA (Mine Safety Appliances) announce
their bi-centennial extra-ordinary (CO2 mask) dividend to shareholders
of $5,000,000,000 per share (um both shareholders, the rest of planet
earth was sure the carbon tax would work and didn't buy the masks).

It's Sunday.


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