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On 2011/Nov/14, at 3:05 PM, David Boxall wrote:

> First, my apologies to the list. This is well off topic for Link. My 
> change to the subject line was intended as a joke. I didn't expect it to 
> carry on like this.
> What follows is based on memories from the time of Carl Sagan (who died 
> in 1996) and chemistry, which I haven't studied in more than a quarter 
> of a century.

> On 13/11/2011 11:23 AM, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> ...  If the global temperature rises 5 or 10 degrees it will probably 
> wipe out our civilisation.  It probably won't wipe us out for a few more 
> degrees.  It wouldn't wipe out life.  Not even close.
>> ...
> Better minds than yours or mine are not so certain.


>> ...Microbial life can exist in a very wide range of temperatures and 
> pressures, kilometres underground, almost any part of the ocean or 
> atmosphere.
>> ...
> Without liquid water?

I'm not sure why you think all the water on the earth's surface is going to vanish.  Water is warmed and evaporates into the atmosphere and comes back to earth all the time.  A warmer earth doesn't mean all the water suddenly disappears.

Life can exist with a very small amount of water and there is still a lot of water inside the earth.

>> ...
>> The risks we're taking, are with our society and comfort not with the 
> earth.
>> ...
> Better minds than yours or mine are not so certain.


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