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> Philip Argy wrote:
> > After 12:12:12 on 12/12/12 we'll have to wait until 01:01:01 on 
> > 01/01/2101 for the next 12 year sequence to commence.  How 
> many of us 
> > will survive that 88 year interval?
> > 
> Will it be the 88 year interval or the exasperation, with the "young 
> people" of 2101, that will kill us?
We must make allowances.

Any distraction from their heads down, Angry Bird throwing social
disconnection activity is bound to be met with an adverse "What the hell
do you want now?" reaction.

The good news is that if they continue in this anti-social manner, the
loneliest generation that has ever existed will be the  last generation
that ever exists.

I mean, how can one catch the eye of that really good looking sort on
the train/bus/park bench if one is always throwing those animated
squawking birds ???

The clue as to the outcome is in the possible transposition of
Quetzalcoatl and angry birds.

Games would seem to have decimated the Mayans (the losers lost their
heads - really) and it would seem that the iPhone/iPad is merely a newer
version of the same fate awaiting us.

The difference of course being that the internet nullifies the
geographical "air gap" of the Mayan empire and the anti-social lack of
family unit creation will unfortunately spread globally. Interestingly
this anthropological experiment is likely to end where sentient life is
deemed to have commenced; Africa.
As for the 88 years, that should just about be the end of the current

This post should answer the question on everyone lips... What generation
could possibly follow the "Z" generation?

There is an upside of course, because of crowd-sourced peer pressure
generated content, (i.e.: man's competitive I'll show you two FOI's and
one unleaked internal email) this is the first generation that really
are 'know it all's', therefore the disdain is actually.... "Mom, I know
more than you..."


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