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Sylvano sylvano at gnomon.com.au
Thu Nov 17 17:16:45 AEDT 2011

I love the creative deployment of the English language:

 "to keep them off the internet world"
 "in-order to put an end to their bad act"
 "this gives us so much concern"


On Thu, November 17, 2011 4:22 pm, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> Some of the spam you get is very creative in terms of trying to look
> legitimate. This one made me laugh.
> Jan
>>From: "General Keith B. Alexander"<nationalsagency at nsa.gov>
>>Subject: Director, National Security Agency/Central Security Service
>>National Security Agency (NSA) Headquarters
>>Phone Number: 206-424-0134
>>Email: nationalsagency at globomail.com
>>Attention: Funds Beneficiary,
>>Firstly, my name is General Keith B. Alexander (Commander, U.S.
>>Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency/Central
>>Security Service. We are contacting you today because we are taking
>>over your Online Safety. We all know that the rate of fraudsters and
>>scammers online are so much that we all receive at least 200
>>messages per day claiming to be from the Federal Bureau of
>>Investigation or from the US Department of State or from a
>>Government Worker in Nigeria. All those stories are lies used by
>>fraudsters to extort money from our citizens.
>>We are doing our best to keep them off the internet world but we
>>need you to also assist us in any vital information you can provide,
>>in-order to put an end to their bad act and deliver your funds to
>>you. We need your Full co-operation, understanding and Mutual Trust.
>>Right now, we are dealing with the Issuing Bank for your fund
>>release. With this, we are 100% sure to be able to deliver your
>>funds to you without further delays. Every year, Fraudsters collect
>>more than $100 billion of US Dollars from their victims and this
>>gives us so much concern.
>>Therefore, stop further communication with any firm, offices or
>>individual so you can successfully receive your funds. Get back to
>>me via email at nationalsagency at globomail.com as soon as you read
>>this message, so that I can direct and instruct you on how to
>>receive your funds from the legal Issuing Bank.
>>Yours Sincerely,
>>Commander, U.S. Cyber Command,
>>Director, National Security Agency/Central Security Service
>>General Keith B. Alexander, USA.
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