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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Mon Nov 21 14:10:12 AEDT 2011

Ross Kelso wrote:
> As part of family history research, I've become somewhat addicted to correcting relevant entries in Trove (http://trove.nla.gov.au/ ) but to my surprise I've been finding that once I've corrected an old newspaper article, it later appears in Google!  (In other words, one day I do a Google search using certain keywords and find nothing of relevance, then I search in Trove with the same keywords and correct some articles, but not long afterwards I repeat the same Google search and find the very same articles I had corrected in Trove.)  Maybe Trove has a policy to feed Google with links to corrected articles?
> Cheers
> Ross Kelso

or google has subscribed to the RSS Feed....

 From your subject line, I thought you were going to complain the google 
links are broken. When I did a google search recently, I got a message 
apologising that links were broken due to an upgrade.

By the way, Google has put up some other old newspapers, including for 
example the Sydney Mail, which may be of interest....

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