[LINK] 5 Things to Know About Google Music

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
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On Tue, 2011-11-22 at 08:05 +1100, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:

> > Bangalore: Music is the most searched and downloaded content over the internet. Many apps and online music stores helps users to download their favorite music. Apple first launched its music store, iTunes and has been most popular online music store. Google has stepped into the music market with its introduction of Google Music which it had to do a long time back. The online music store will offer more than 13 million
> ...
> <http://www.siliconindia.com/shownews/5_Things_to_Know_About_Google_Music-nid-98097-cid-2.html>

We only really need to know one thing about google music at present,
that is, it's only available to the U.S. (That's what it told me three
days ago when I was bored enough to look).
I fail to see why google should be making such a big world wide deal
about it, they only have that right when they offer it globally.


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