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NSW unveils draft ICT strategic framework 

by: Fran Foo, November 24, 2011 3:21PM 

NSW Finance and Services Minister Greg Pearce has unveiled a highly 
anticipated draft policy mapping the state's strategic framework for IT 
and communications.

The 20-page consultation document outlines objectives and priority areas 
intended to ensure NSW's $2 billion per annum ICT budget is well spent.

Importantly it is one of the few times NSW has asked for public feedback 
on a policy matter. 

A website for comments and submissions has been created at:


NSW hopes to release its final ICT strategy early next year.

One major goal is to improve service delivery through a whole-of-
government approach for everything from information-sharing to 

"The NSW government will be a leader in the use of ICT to transform 
government service delivery, make it easier to do business with 
government, and build sustainable public sector productivity to the 
benefit of the entire state," the vision statement says.

The draft document outlines four guiding principles: senior leadership 
via the formulation of a government ICT Board; strategic industry 
engagement through the ICT Advisory Panel of private sector and research 
leaders; a focus on service delivery, and adopting a portfolio management 
approach to reduce duplication and improve productivity.

Senior business leaders across government identified five main areas for 
improvement: better information-sharing between departments and agencies; 
real-time services available 24/7 via mobile devices and increased use of 
online channels; the use of emerging technologies to develop new 
services, and up-skilling public sector employees in financial and 
performance management.

Detailed implementation plans identifying priority areas for the strategy 
should be ready by March 2012; these will include common methods and 
guidance tools for agency decision-making.

“Today we move to the next stage in delivering better ICT in NSW,” Mr 
Pearce said in a statement.

“The draft framework outlines the government’s goals and direction for 
ICT in NSW, driven by the overarching goal of making NSW the leader in 

Mr Pearce said the O'Farrell government was committed to making it easier 
for NSW citizens to interact with the public sector using technology.

“Today we lay on the table the core principles that will steer NSW 
government ICT policy and investment into the future,” he said.

“It has been developed by key stakeholders within government and industry 
through the new ICT governance structure.

“The strategic framework is focused on improving service delivery across 
government, increasing productivity and making more efficient investment 
in ICT."

The government remains committed to its data centre consolidation plan 
that will see 130 hubs reduced to 2 facilities. 

Macquarie Capital and Leightons are in a two-way tussle to win the tender.

“Rationalising the provision of data centre capacity across government 
has the potential to deliver a substantial reduction in infrastructure 
and operating costs,” the document says.


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