[LINK] govt misuse of personal information [was: Draft NSW ICT strategic framework]

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Fri Nov 25 10:28:42 AEDT 2011

At 09:57 AM 25/11/2011, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>This is on a NSW government domain name!

Maybe they need a separate set of ToCs that relate to the content. 
Looks like they were just sloppy in thinking through the needs and 
just used the hosting service info.

There is another insidious thing happening that is even worse. 
Government agencies have outsourced their emailing lists to 3rd 
parties and not told anyone. I came across that with a major fed 
agency newsletter. If I hover on the links in it that come in an 
email, the address is routed via that mailing service. That means 
they can track user activity without the knowledge of the individual.

I complained with the agency and demanded that I be removed from the 
newsletter OR that they reveal the 3rd party OR that they expose the 
direct link to their publicly accessible information without going 
via the 3rd party service. They chose to remove me from the 
newsletter and still are doing their hidden activity with the 3rd 
party. I raised it once again in a meeting this week. They don't seem 
to understand the problem that they gave what may be a personal 
address to a 3rd party and that they are tracking behaviour.

I then noticed a similar thing in another newsletter, this one from 
NLA. I don't click the links. I'm now gun-shy when it comes to 
anything that comes via a Commonwealth agency.


>Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>At 09:33 AM 25/11/2011, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>>>>3.2     By using the Site you agree that Bang the Table Pty Ltd and any of
>>>>its subsidiaries or related bodies corporate or any of their employees or
>>>>agents are not responsible for:
>>>>a)     the accuracy or otherwise of the information displayed or omitted
>>>>from the Site or Linked Sites;
>>>>b)     any person's reliance on the information presented on the
>>>Site or on
>>>>Linked Sites;
>>>>c)     any loss in connection with the use of the Site or any Linked Site."
>>Is that all? I expected to see something about using the posts 
>>without any further consent, sharing your information with third parties, etc.
>>I can see how the service provider would absent themselves from 
>>accuracy or omission (they don't write the content or presumably 
>>manage the comments for editorial  like removing bad ones), and any 
>>losses, whatever they might be, should someone take action based on 
>>posted information of any form.
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