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Fri Nov 25 17:15:02 AEDT 2011

Inside NBN Co operations ..


The National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) has opened its Network 
Operations and Test Facility (NOTF), which it calls the "nerve centre" of 
the NBN. 

Take a walk with ZDNet Australia to see what the back end of Australia's 
biggest network will be like ..

(photo of racks)

The racks of switching and storage equipment in NBN Co's $32.5 million 
NOTF "go way back" through the building, CEO Mike Quigley pointed out. 
Testing segments include the same equipment that the NBN is built on, 
allowing telecommunications providers test new services on a sandboxed 
NBN segment before they're rolled out to the general population.


(photo of the residental etc in-house equipment)


NBN Co's family of premises-access devices has a high profile at the 
Discovery Centre, which is aimed at helping residents understand the real 
face of the NBN and what it can do for them.


(photo of the residential etc outside equipment, including battery backup)


The requirement for NBN Co Network Termination Units (NTUs) to have a 
battery back-up remains a contentious issue for NBN Co, which has 
introduced the devices to ensure a continuous back-up telephone service 
in the event of a power outage. The federal opposition recently called on 
Labor to foot the estimated $140m bill to manage the service and 
replacement of millions of limited-lifespan batteries every year.


(photos of NBN command centre)  



Staff within the NSOC work 24x7 in teams including a Customer Operations 
Team (to support NBN Co partners), Network Surveillance Team (to 
proactively monitor and manage the NBN) and Operations Support Team 
(delivering comprehensive network maintenance).

The NBN NOTF employs 425 people now, and is expected to pass 900 staff by 
next year, as the network continues to grow. This includes specialists to 
ensure smooth operation of the NBN Business Support Systems (BSS) and 
Operational Support Systems (OSS), which are housed in the NBN Co 
datacentres and directly linked to staff in the NSOC.


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