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"NBN boss defends pricing"

Updated November 25, 2011 14:49:34 

National Broadband Network (NBN) boss Mike Quigley says the pricing of 
the broadband service offered does not disadvantage low-income earners.

The parliamentary joint standing committee on the NBN says the starting 
price of $35 per month is prohibitive to low-income families.

NBN Co says 18,000 homes have access to the service so far, and 3,000 
premises are connected.

Ahead of a launch in Melbourne, Mike Quigley told ABC News Breakfast the 
wholesale company is happy with the retail price.

"We sell to resale companies, and what we've in fact plotted out, the 
retail prices which have now been announced by seven retailers ... 
they're sitting exactly in the band of ADSL2+," he said.

"It's where we aim to be for a service which is much superior to ADSL2+."

Mr Quigley also says he is confident the competition watchdog will 
approve the structural separation of Telstra which is crucial to NBN Co's 

Telstra is set to sell its copper wire network to NBN Co in an $11 
billion deal with the Government.

The plan still requires approval from the Australian Competition and 
Consumer Commission (ACCC) which has vowed to rule on the matter before 

Many of the company's deals have been based on this approval.

Mr Quigley says he is optimistic about a positive outcome.

"I can listen to the outputs that come from the words of the ACCC and 
also from Telstra," he said.

"We're reasonably confident the deal will be approved by the ACCC because 
certainly our belief in NBN Co is that this is a good deal for the nation.

"We'll see the separation of Telstra and we'll see a new broadband 
infrastructure being built right around the nation."

Meanwhile, Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy has rejected 
claims that the rollout is being concentrated in Labor-held and marginal 

Senator Conroy says the areas to be connected over the next few years are 
spread right across the political spectrum. "When we release the 3 year 
plan, you'll actually be able to look at it and go oh my god, there's a 
marginal Labor seat... a marginal Liberal seat... a National party seat," 
he said.


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