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The last one on the list sounds a lot like open source issues. Hmmm....

>10: Google does not cater to business expectations
>Google is really good at getting individuals and small businesses the
>products they need for free or nearly free. But it struggles when doing
>business with enterprises because the expectations are different. Google
>succeeds with the smaller companies because they understand that you get
>what you pay for. They don't feel that a service that is free, or nearly
>so, is worth complaining about.
>An enterprise, though, is often willing to pay more money to get certain
>things, like no ads, preferential treatment, a dedicated account
>executive, and SLAs. These are not bad things. But again, Google just is
>not set up to do business like this (with the exception of Google Apps
>for Business). Because it has such minimal interaction with you as
>client, it isn't going to understand your needs, let alone try to cater
>to them. If what it delivers is fine with you, that's great. But if you
>want the handholding, customization, support, etc., that a traditional
>vendor will sell you for an upcharge, Google isn't going to provid it.

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