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> > That was so subtle, I feel the need to translate.
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> > Colonel Klink/(or Shultz), Stalag  13. Prison, Joke. 
> Probably Shultz 
> > as in "I see nussink....."
> Tom - read the paper, then comment.   Trying to do it the 
> other way around doesn't
> work so well.

Err, I did. Both the Newspaper article and the original paper url as
posted by Richard.
(including) all of the references provided.
I didn't comment earlier on the topic as "been there, done that before"
with the unfortunate conclusion that the industry's money will kept
being thrown at Government legislative policy interference until every
Australian has been signed up for a 75 year entertainment serfdom
contract from birth requiring them to spend 50% of all of their earnings
on content that wasn't worth watching.

I was in fact attempting a light hearted droll reference to Roger's use
of the words "Achtung - careful analysis is required".

As far as the comms alliance are concerned, Rogers comment was that
"this looks a lot better (from a consumer 
perspective) than what usually comes out of CA".
I took his comment to be a politically correct polite observation and
not his confirmation that the report was based on sound facts.

The facts behind some of the CA claims are unfortunately based on false
assumptions: e.g.: Footnote 1 on page 9.

"The Impact of Internet Piracy on the Australian Economy" - Sphere
Analysis for the Australian Content Industry Group, February 2011"

We discussed this laughable $30,000 fee - no data analysis
"regurgitated" report here on Link on the advent of it's first public
appearance. It is based on the totally spurious and made-up claims of a
French economist who was hired by Vivendis chairmen (ok, officially
BASCAP - see Ref [1]) to create a report that would allow the French
parliament to pass the Hadopi and the British Parliament to deal with
the Digital Britain recommendations.

I was too late in my analysis, but continued regardless. I spent over
four weeks analysing the contents of this "proof" of file sharing and
discovered that Economists in France are fond of typo errors as part of
their file sharing justification algorithms (where the report showed a
decrease in Box office when in fact the numbers in the table showed the
reverse was true. See Ref [2])
The French report further claimed jobs were lost. 
Whereas the evidence from the European statistical databases suggested
that the Five Country EU job loss was as a result of manufacturers
regime shopping attempting to cut costs with the resulting job losses
moved to cheaper labour countries like Hungary, Romania and China. See
Ref [3].

I'll stop there, this soapbox is limited to 50 Kb.

So Paul, does that satisfy you that I did in fact read the paper,
understand it's import and was just merely being "Quirky Tom".

Because to me, the extensive analysis (and six months of P2P data
collection on an ED2K server - advised to APRA and MIPI in advance,) I
put in on this topic clearly qualifies me to make the comments: 

Colonel Klink/(or Shultz), Stalag  13. Prison, Joke. Probably Shultz as
in "I see nussink....."

Which I could translate for you into facts, word by word, but just like
our Politicians, I can't really be bothered.

TomK (I was fishing for a smile and caught a train travelling in the
wrong direction).

[1] The Tera Report and its Commissioners BASCAP
[2] The Tera Report Response 5 - 1+1=-6 or How Much can you BUY an
Economist for? http://kovtr.com/wordpress/?p=375
[3] http://kovtr.com/wordpress/?cat=6&paged=2 (A number of Articles on
the Tera Report, starting with Job Loss).

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