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Rachel Polanskis grove at zeta.org.au
Tue Oct 4 14:08:06 AEDT 2011

On 04/10/2011, at 13:54, Rachel Polanskis <grove at zeta.org.au> wrote:

> http://www.futuretax.gov.au/content/Content.aspx?doc=video/default.htm
> 1:  it says windows media only
> 2: the alternative stream explicitly mentions iphones and ipads,
> but a java not found error is elicited.   
> I wish I had a magical Java capable ipad from the future....    a bit disappointing. 
> I would've thought the IT media people would have their act together by now.
> SLUG  (Sydney Linux Users Group) for example can stream their stuff in a heartbeat....

Someone must be updating the pages.  Java is gone from the Alternate page
and replaced with Flash.  WMP is atill the default.

Now my other half can watch the forum on his Mac, using the "ipad" stream, but I cannot
as there is neither flash or java on my ipad device!


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