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On 2011/Oct/09, at 10:59 AM, David Boxall wrote:

> On 8/10/2011 7:20 PM, Stephen Wilson wrote:
>> ... the knowing superiority with which you
>> dismiss all of Apple's innovation as mere 'marketing'...
> What do you have against marketing? The best idea is not much use if 
> nobody buys it. As our government has discovered many times, good ideas 
> don't sell themselves (particularly in the presence of a pathologically 
> adversarial opposition).
> In Fred's defence, most of the comments seem to support him.
> <http://www.smh.com.au/national/letters/different-take-on-the-apple-supremo-20111007-1lduq.html>

I was wondering when people were going to get to the charity thing and the foxconn thing.  It seems there are a lot of Apple/Jobs hatebois out there.  This stuff is just mean.

It is a feature of our broken economic system and is part of all electronics produced at the moment that much is made in China or Asia somewhere.  We Australians and the western world generally benefit hugely from outsourcing our pollution and the sidestepping of our industrial relations to Asia.  That's our white man and woman's burden at the moment.  Why expect some old dead American guy to have been better than us?  Why is it that people focus on Apple and Foxconn and ignore all the other electronics made in China and the conditions their workers have to put up with: Dell, Sony, HP, IBM is anyone any better?  The main difference as I see it is that Apple always had a large hand in it's hardware design and manufacture and had to have a relationship with its manufacturers.  Most other suppliers use standard parts produced in anonymous factories in China with no questions asked, no matter how badly they treat their workers.  And they do treat them badly.  

And the old lack of charity thing and gumpf about how charitable BG is?  Without mentioning that the BAMGF has a considerable agenda.  Jobs definitely wasn't a saint, or probably even a very nice person, so?  How about all the Jobs hatebois give him a little charity?

Is someone going to go on about how badly he treated Woz?  Really! 

Clearly he had a big influence if people are getting stuck in like this.  Most of just mean and irrelevant.

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