[LINK] What Do Steve Jobs' Obituaries Leave Out? His Appreciation for LSD

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On 2011/Oct/11, at 5:52 PM, David Goldstein wrote:
> It's a shame there isn't more focus on Jobs' greed and his lack of philanthropy. So much so he pulled all Apple's philanthropic programmes when he rejoined the company, and apart from Bono bleating about some miserable giving, there is no record of Jobs or Apple having given a cent since.

There's no record of you giving anything to charity either.  Perhaps if *you* gave something to charity, you'd be more charitable to others.  Why should he have been a philanthropist?  He was a businessman.  CEO of a very successful company.  You don't get there by being pleasant or charitable.  

> And there's the appalling environmental record in China, recently labelled the worst technology company doing business in China. And languishing near the bottom of Greenpeace's Greener Guide to Electronics. Oh, and let's not forget the miserable working conditions of Foxconn employees that Apple seems to have done nothing about. Maybe Apple should attach a label to each product saying how many people died making it!

Like I said before: all your electronics are made in similar companies.  With similar conditions.  Only worse.  And no publicity.  

>  But for, see the 2 articles below:
>  What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs
> In the days after Steve Jobs' death, friends and colleagues have, in customary fashion, been sharing their fondest memories of the Apple co-founder. He's been hailed as "a genius" and "the greatest CEO of his generation" by pundits and tech journalists. But a great man's reputation can withstand a full accounting. And, truth be told, Jobs could be terrible to people, and his impact on the world was not uniformly positive.

"Not uniformly positive"!  Damn him with faint praise.  

Bad Obits: Warning: some of these are funny, not all are very nice.

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>>   What Do Steve Jobs' Obituaries Leave Out? His Appreciation for LSD
>> Apple's legendary co-founder Steve Jobs said acid was one of the most 
>> important things he did in his life.
>> /October 7, 2011
>> http://www.alternet.org/story/152665/what_do_steve_jobs%27_obituaries_leave_out_his_appreciation_for_lsd

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