[LINK] What Do Steve Jobs' Obituaries Leave Out? His Appreciation for LSD

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> Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown > out your own
> inner voice.

Like engineers, for example. They might warn you about oveheating.
Dismiss them with your "vision".


Apple III design mistakes

"Problem #1: No Power Supply Fan
The Apple III’s lack of power supply fan caused system to heat up,
warping the motherboard and unseating certain socketed chips.

What Were They Thinking?

According to Apple insiders, Steve Jobs’ zeal for a simple and silent
computer design forced the Apple III team to exclude a cooling fan for
the power supply.  Apple later suggested a simple fix for the
heat-warping problem: raise the Apple III a few inches off a hard
surface and drop it, hopefully re-seating the chips in the process."


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