[LINK] W3C Social Business Jam: Three-day Online Global Event

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W3C Social Business Jam: Three-day Online Global Event 

Update 7th October  http://www.w3.org

Registration is open. W3C announces today its first ever 3-day virtual 
event, the W3C Social Business Jam, 8-10 November. 

Participation is free and open to all. 


Participation in this Jam is intended for individuals and professionals 
working in businesses or the social business space. 

If you are passionate about leveraging social capabilities to improve 
business results or if you want to discuss your ideas on how social 
technologies offer business value beyond traditional social media 
approaches, then this Jam is the right place for you. 

The meeting should produce a better understanding of how businesses are 
using social technologies and the challenges they face integrating the 
technologies into their existing environments. 

We expect the conversation on social business to continue after the Jam 
in W3C Community or Business Groups.  http://www.w3.org/community

More about the W3C Social Business Jam: www.w3.org/2011/socialbusiness-jam



Live curious.

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