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> ... I am on the ACS Cyber Task Force and will be attending the Canberra
> event, Tuesday 18 October, 12.30pm: http://www.acs.org.au/cwp/

The ACS task force to provide input to the Australian Government's 
"Optimizing Australian Digital Future" had its first meeting Wednesday 
afternoon. The plan is to consult to the members at the face to face 
meetings and have a draft submission for government by early November.

There were about 15 people on a teleconference and so this was an 
interesting exercise in where to start. It might seem simple enough to 
take each topic the government has provided and write something under 
each heading. But there are some topics not addressed, or not discussed 
in sufficient detail, such as international governance of the Internet.

Taken in the large, the issue is how to make the Internet more useful 
for the community. There were indications at the United Nations Internet 
Governance Forum in late September that the current system is 

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