[LINK] Rumour: 'Google+ to Support Pseudonyms'

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
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[There are signs that Google might be gradually being forced to take 
notice of user needs - although the article below is hardly strong 

[Maybe of greater significance is the importance that the commentator 
attaches to it, i.e. at least the media have 'got it'.

[This was drawn to attention on Lauren Weinstein's list.]

Google+ to Support Pseudonyms
Ben Parr
1 hour ago (Another Idiotic Web-Site Design.  Make that 19 Oct 2011 Stateside)

Google+ will soon support pseudonyms and other forms of identity, 
says a Google executive.

During a conversation at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, SVP of 
Social Vic Gundotra revealed that Google will eventually support 
other forms of identity. While Google started with only allowing 
users to sign up if they used their real names, it will be adding 
features that will "support other forms of identity" in the next few 

The revelation comes a few months after controversy erupted when 
Google suspended users utilizing pseudonyms and nicknames instead of 
their real names. At the time, Google made minor changes in response 
to criticism, but stood firm on its decision to suspend users that 
didn't use their real names.

Apparently the issue is technology, resources and the atmosphere the 
company wanted to set with Google+. The company wanted to create a 
community focused on real names, but now it realizes that some people 
have legitimate reasons to use pseudonyms.

Gundotra didn't go further into how Google+ will support pseudonyms.

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