[LINK] The Problem with Higgs Boson - Was Balance the enemy of facts

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> Actually, I can offer an answer to this: just write the 
> science straight.
> I can't say too much about the business secrets of The 
> Register, but a 
> story about the Higgs Boson experiments at CERN went well into 
> six-figures for hits in about two days. No fake controversy required.

That could be because for the last 10,000 years, mankind has gone to war
in defence of their chosen deity.

For the Deity to turn into a member of the Periodic table is unthinkable
for well over 5/6's of the worlds population. (I'm estimating 1 billion
informed educated people that understand the psychological nature of the
need for sentient beings to have an ever after belief system. - But I'm
including China in those stats.)

Therefore the basis of interest in the CERN experiments is undoubtedly
the most fundamental controversy of all time.

It is therefore natural for a large amount of neck craning when the
validity of various belief systems several millennia old are about to be
possibly disproved.


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