[LINK] Higgs Boson is no "God particle"

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> Tom,
> I think you're taking way too literally the hyperbolic tag "God 
> Particle". That was always a nutty name.  Who coined it - a 
> journo, or 
> Stephen Hawking maybe? No essential difference there. But anyway, we 
> don't need to discover Higgs to disprove god.  It's just a 
> missing piece 
> of a particle physics model that accepted years ago.  After 
> all, if LHC 
> doesn't find Higgs, theists aren't going to breath a sigh of relief.
But the Pope will.
Imagine the reaction Globally if CERN discovers that the originating
particle (OK, Muon,) divided itself, got excited with the discovery that
it was no longer alone and rubbed up against it's clone sibling to
create the big bang... So far so good, but what happens when they
discover that there was no priest to bless the progeny ?

> I could name a dozen more significant developments and 
> experiments that 
> should do more to shake believe in god.
> Like Galileo's discovery of sun spots and his realisation 
> that the Sol 
> is just another spinning body. That's what really nailed the 
> Coperniccan 
> revolution.
Higgs Boson isnt about God, you're correct. But with todays Internet,
the result will spread like wildfire without the editorial oversight of
the leader of [insert favourite religion here]. 

> Or the discovery of the cosmic microwave background, being 
> the echo of 
> the Big Bang itself.
> Or the gentic code, where exactly the same amino acid to nucleotide 
> coding is used by yeasts, pumpkins, Titan auum lilies, Grey Nurse 
> sharks, and humans, as if we're all cousins. Fancy!
> Or Lucy.
I don't think the Vatican have gotten around to analysing Amino Acid
relationships yet.

But todays NextGen have. Their voracious appetites to disapprove
everything establishment is exceeded only by the miniscule extent of
their attention spans.

Unfortunately, the majority the population may not be educated enough
for this huge quantity of information flow. 

Therein lies the problem for organised tithe collection (which you may
have noticed was appropriated by the state about circa 1915 - globally).

God is a Muon, therefore the Church lied.
The State needs my taxes but cant supply me a job.
I think I'll join the Wall Street Sit-in where doubtless I shall read
the Register article about God Particles on my free AT&T supplied WIFI

In this instance, some things are better off not being published.
Doubtless 3 billion Moslems probably agree.


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