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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Mon Oct 24 09:41:38 AEDT 2011

At 09:26 AM 24/10/2011, Richard Chirgwin you wrote:
>While it is feasible or even likely that there are exposures - computers
>that might exist both on the private network and the Internet, and
>therefore might exist as potential paths for vulnerabilities - it's
>quite clear that private networks are feasible and do exist.

I read that article and also thought: what happened to private 
networks? That SCADA is running on the internet is just daft.

My question to the experts: How secure are VPNs running on the 
general internet? You would think that banking networks are in that 
class. Are they also as 'open' to attack as what the FBI is 
criticising the utility companies for?


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