[LINK] Lytro "light field" camera - microlenses enable focus changes afterwards

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Tue Oct 25 21:56:02 AEDT 2011

Hi Fred,

You wrote:

>>    http://www.lytro.com/science_inside
> Interesting indeed! Are you going to get one, Robin? If so, please post 
> your observations.

On further consideration, I won't be getting one - except perhaps in the
future as a curiosity if and when they turn up on eBay for a much lower
price.  The first problem is that the resultant images are of fairly low
resolution.  There are no high-resolution demo shots.  There is some
discussion here:


Its only controls are a power switch, a shutter release and a strokable
thing for zoom.  The LCD screen is only 128 x 128 pixels = 16,384 pixels.

There's no obvious way (from the buttons described above) of reviewing
photos already taken.  There's no focus control - but my interest is
primarily close-up and macro photography.  There's no exposure time
control either.  The battery is sealed inside it.

Its an interesting idea.  However, if it can't do reasonably high
resolution images, then it would be very frustrating.

   - Robin

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