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>  http://www.livingbooksaboutlife.org

Fascinating. Have forwarded to others. In reading 
the blog that goes with that Living Books site, I 
discovered this in one of the posts.

More Open Access Book sources:

Here are some more e-presses, but you'll need to search for the links to them.

Amsterdam University Press
ANU E Press – Australian National University
AU Press – Athabasca University
Bloomsbury Academic
DigitalCultureBooks – University of Michigan 
Press and the Scholarly Publishing Office of Michigan’s University Library
Firenze University Press
Flashpoints series – University of California Press
Manchester University Press
MediaCommons Press
Monash University Publishing
National Academies Press
Newfound Press – University of Tennessee Libraries
Open Book Publishers
Open Humanities Press
Romance Studies series – Penn State University
Signale – Cornell University

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