[LINK] The Open Data Movement

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Thu Sep 1 23:39:22 AEST 2011

#Opendata: digital-era governance thoroughbred, or new public management 
trojan horse?

Justin Longo, Public Policy and Governance Review 

01 September 2011

The open data movement - in which advocates have called for governments 
to provide open, easy-to-use and largely free-of-charge access to public 
data - has generated significant momentum in a short period of time. 

Justin Longo review the benefits - to both governments and the public - 
that many open data advocates agree are achievable from making digitized 
government data more open. 

Following this, he focuses on one of these purported benefits and 
proposes an alternative interpretation that identifies a potential 
downside to open data as currently framed: that an alternative reading of 
some elements of the open data advocacy coalition originate in the New 
Public Management reform agenda and seek to revive it.


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