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On 10/09/11 16:58, Tom Koltai wrote (in reply to my message 10 September
2011 11:21 AM about "Innovation ACT"):

> Unfortunately Tom, although it looks good. $79 million capital
> raised, $44 million revenue earned ... ATP has been running in
> various guises since 2000 ...

I was referring to "Innovation ACT", not "ATP".

Innovation ACT was started by engineering students at ANU and recieves 
modest funding from the ACT government to teach innovation to students 
at ANU and University of Canberra: http://www.innovationact.org/

By "ATP" you appear to be referring to "ATP Innovations", a business 
incubator in Sydney: http://atp-innovations.com.au/about

ATP Innovations is based at the Australian Technology Park, at the old 
Eveleigh Railway Workshops. I wrote about ATP and innovation in 1998 
(but ATP has more than just the business incubator): 

> As guest speakers, get in the guys that started the companies that
> everyone admires ...

For 2011, Innovation ACT's first speaker was Glenn N Dickins, an ANU 
graduate best known for developing "Dolby Headphone Technology": 

> PhD's let go the reins. Hand them over to those MBA types...

I suggest we need PhDs trained to be able to talk to the MBA types. We 
need scientific and engineering people who can talk business language.

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