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Webb, KerryA KerryA.Webb at act.gov.au
Mon Sep 12 18:09:12 AEST 2011

Roger asked:

> What I meant to ask about (and wasn't clear enough) is the index of
> media reports that Google has accumulated since it launched the
> news.google service.
> It currently makes only the last month's articles available.
> (It does so in a manner that's nowhere near the quality of a
> professional search facility - it loses items, it mis-classifies
> items, and it generally falls all over itself in error-prone
> permanent beta - but it often delivers material of some value).
> It used to offer an archive, with an ability to constrain by date-range.
> But that's simply disappeared, during the last few weeks.

I just went here:  http://news.google.com.au/news/advanced_news_search?as_drrb=a

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