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[I guess one of major telecom companies didn't get the memo before 
the cut the deal ----- ]

TELSTRA is threatening to tear up its new $153 million broadcast 
rights deal with the AFL after a copyright dispute erupted over rival 
Optus providing football telecasts to its internet and mobile phone customers.

Telstra chief executive David Thodey has told The Age that if a court 
allows Optus to continue showing football matches virtually live, it 
will ''throw everything up in the air'' regarding Telstra's AFL deal, 
and its planned deal with the National Rugby League.

The Federal Court will tomorrow hold a hearing on a request by Optus 
to restrain the AFL and NRL from suing it for breach of copyright for 
its TV Now service, which was launched on July 19. The service allows 
Optus phone and internet customers to watch AFL games on an effective 
delay of as little as two minutes.
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It could prove to be an important test case for content rights in the 
era of internet television and multimedia devices.
[snip - more at the link...It's not just Optus; Apple does it too]

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