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At an ANU seminar a couple of months back, I used this slide:

              Will Consumers Come to be Banned From
            Owning General-Purpose Computing Devices?

          Some powerful groups might like to achieve it

-   Copyright-Dependent Corporations
-   Government Censors
-   The Moral Minority, who want governments to extend censorship
     to whatever content the moral minority thinks the majority
     shouldn't have access to
-   (Dominant) Computing Device Providers
-   Law Enforcement & National Security Agencies (LEANs)
-  'Fraud Experts'

Read on (posted by Lauren Weinstein):

>Microsoft locking down the PC
>http://j.mp/mQrrol  (Dreamwidth)
>     "Microsoft requires that machines conforming to the Windows 8 logo
>      program and running a client version of Windows 8 ship with secure
>      boot enabled. The two alternatives here are for Windows to be signed
>      with a Microsoft key and for the public part of that key to be
>      included with all systems, or alternatively for each OEM to include
>      their own key and sign the pre-installed versions of Windows. The
>      second approach would make it impossible to run boxed copies of
>      Windows on Windows logo hardware, and also impossible to install new
>      versions of Windows unless your OEM provided a new signed copy. The
>      former seems more likely.  A system that ships with only OEM and
>      Microsoft keys will not boot a generic copy of Linux."
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