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Fri Sep 23 13:23:35 AEST 2011

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> On Fri, Sep 23, 2011, Paul Brooks wrote:
> > Actually Tom, its better than that - signals via fibre have to go 
> > around
> > the curvature of the earth following the sea floor, while 
> the neutrinos 
> > can take the straight-line path directly through the rock and core.
> > Thats got to be good for several tens of milliseconds.
> Did Tom take into account propagation delay through fibre 
> versus vacuum?
> > The problem to solve is how to miniaturise the many tons and cubic
> > metres of neutrino detector material into a SFP 
> form-factor, and still 
> > intercept sufficient neutrinos to obtain acceptable SNR.
> The invisble hand of the free economy can do that: just get 
> it working and let market speculators pay extremely large 
> prices for it.

Err ummm I did Adrian.... Fibre only adds 25 milliseconds to C via the
pond transit, hardly worth while considering. 

And Paul, you're right, I calculated a curvature path instead of a
straight through path... However as the Cern path is hollowed out rock
with the Neutrino's kept on track by magnetic waves, the fifteen
thousand tests unfortunately can't confirm that the result would be
empirically identical if run through solid rock without the magnetic
neutrino slingshot guidance system.
After all, don't most neutrino's start life as heavier Muons ?
Acceleration would seem automatic as the mass decreases but the magnetic
field remains static.  (Think motorcycle at top speed with the rear
passenger jumping off. Less drag. Elementary my dear Watson.)

Don't panic linkers, I'm not likely to enter the field of Physics any
time soon... The world is safe. Besides, my muon detector is starting to
glow now so I need to go and put on my tin hat... Must be all that
energy that is being lost from wayward neutrinos passing through my head
and turning into muon neutrino particles...


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