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Sat Sep 24 19:02:20 AEST 2011

Number of Google+ users increased by 30% in three days

By George Wong - 09/23/2011  http://www.ubergizmo.com

Google+ was finally opened to everybody a few days ago, and yesterday, 
it’s been reported that the number of people using the service has 
increased by 30 percent.

Calculated by Paul Allen, an unofficial statistician for Google+, he 
estimates that Google+ now has 43.4 million users. 

Considering how the service has only been up for a few months, it’s quite 
an impressive feat (though it’s a long way off from Facebook’s 800 
million active users).

With Facebook’s recent introduction of the Timeline profile, the two 
networks are going to be quite different from one other – which is a good 
thing in my opinion. After all why would anybody want to use two of the 
same thing? 

Google is keeping it simple and minimalistic, while Facebook seems to be 
going in the opposite direction by letting users add even more about 
themselves on the network. Both services have their merits, so I guess 
we’ll continue to see users using Facebook and Google+ instead of 
completely migrating to one.


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